Which Black Widow MCU Suit Was The Most Iconic?

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow has finally hit Disney+ and theatres nationwide. But which Black Widow outfit really stole the show and cemented her character as an MCU staple?

Ever since Scarlett Johansson graced the silver screen as Natasha Romanoff in 2010’s Iron Man 2, fanboys and fangirls have been completely under her spell. She was gorgeous, cunning, smart, and an all-out badass. And then she came out as a full-fledged Avenger in 2012 alongside heroes like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man.

She’s had several appearance changes throughout the years. Most notably with her hair. But as far as suits go, the MCU hasn’t been particularly kind to the Black Widow at least when it comes to creativity. It’s always been the same bodysuit with a few minor changes.

This is perhaps due to Marvel wanting to stick with the classic look of the character in the comics. But even in the comics, she always has been limited to the same black leather outfit with gold accessories. The black leather outfit that comic book nerds know and love. 

So how did the MCU change things up?

In the Black Widow’s first appearance, she garnered a bluish-black suit with the shield logo on her right arm. The next incarnations of her suit were basically just the same except most of them were black now. She also wore a belt that brandishes the iconic Black Widow logo.

The only time they really changed things up was when Infinity War came around. She was seen wearing an army-green vest on top of her black suit as well as having short blonde hair. In her latest movie, she wore an all-white suit during a rescue mission. And in the climax of the film, she’s seen wearing the ultimate Black Widow suit with the yellow finish added to her belt and Black Widow’s bite.  

So what is the most iconic Black Widow MCU suit?

Personally, I think the most iconic suit that the master assassin has ever worn was the suit from Marvel’s The Avengers. It was absolutely perfect with the way she carried herself during the fight scenes. And seeing her during the iconic scene where all of the heroes were all standing in a circle was just pure nerdgasm. It may not be the most flashy out of all her suits in the MCU, but it definitely served its purpose as it fully cemented her character as more than just another pretty face added to the film’s otherwise testosterone-filled cast.

Scarlett Johansson was born to play Black Widow. Although it was truly heartbreaking to see her sacrifice herself in order to save the universe, the latest film seemed like a pretty good send-off to the beloved Marvel character. 

Black Widow is available now in theatres and on Disney+. Speaking of the movie, did you spot these Easter Eggs?

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